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"I refuse to command a Divison……" the Royal Naval Division at Gavrelle Footsteps of the fallen

In April 1917 the men of the Royal Naval Division went into action against the German-held village of Gavrelle.  Once the village was taken, however, the problems for the British began, with the strong point of the Windmill needing to be captured.  Attack after attack was thrown against the Germans, each beaten back as the body count mounted.In this episode, we look at the quirky history of the Royal Naval Division.  We hear about a vitriolic poem written by an officer about the CO, discover the story of the Mills bomb, look at the fighting for Gavrelle, and reflect on the inspirational leadership of the son of a former Prime Minister whose tactical nous and strategic thinking were instrumental in the capturing of the village.APOLOGIES FOR THE SOUND – WE HAD SOME TECHNICAL ISSUES Support the podcast:https://www.buymeacoffee.com/footstepsbloghttps://www.patreon.com/foostepsofthefallen
  1. "I refuse to command a Divison……" the Royal Naval Division at Gavrelle
  2. Beyond the front – Givenchy
  3. The week of suffering – Vimy 1917
  4. Bonus Bitesize – Pond Farm
  5. Cabaret Rouge – a journey through a cemetery