The three VCs of Thatcham

For many towns, the honour of having a Victoria Cross winner from the town is an immense source of civic pride.  Streets and parks are often named in honour of the towns heroes.  Given the scarcity of the award, with only 1355 having been awarded since its inception in 1856, it’s quite understandable why the… Continue reading The three VCs of Thatcham

The truth is out there.

Firstly, apologies for the lack of blog updates, unfortunately I’ve had COVID and updating the blog hasn’t been top of my list of priorities – I know, any excuses! I did manage however to post a new podcast update the other day, and in the pod we paid a visit to one of my favourite… Continue reading The truth is out there.

Better late than never

In late 1914, Arthur Osman who was the editor of the “Pigeon Fancier” magazine approached the War Office to offer to set up a pigeon service for the British Army in France and Belgium. The British were surprisingly behind the Germans and French in terms of their use of pigeons, both Germany and France having… Continue reading Better late than never

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